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NEW developed
T-Anti Snag

The T-Anti Snag hook is developed with a special Cutting Point. The Cutting Point has a inverted “T” shaped, which greatly increases the penetration. The special Cutting point will not only reduce resistance when penetrating but also increase the abrasive resistance of the hook point.
The hook is also developed with a bigger eye and a thicker shank, so it can be used in the most rough conditions.

OUR T- Anti Snag hooks

New videos

  • Karpervissen Met Ed Skillz
    Carp Fishing with Ed Skillz part 2 Tips & Tricks
  • River Carp Fishing Adventures
    River Carp Fishing Adventures

    Ed is hooked on fishing the European rivers for carp. Miles and miles of waterways stretching from country to country. And all these rivers hold treasures of carp to be discovered. Uncaught fish and untamed rivers covered in mystery. Every trip to the rivers is an adventure by itself.

  • Operation Freedom

    NTEC anglers Alex & Patricia with their video Operation Freedom!

Ultra high quality hook link!

A natural sinking braid engineered to blend perfectly in the environment and to perform in the most natural way possible. The braid is ultra-soft, strong and super reliable. The slow sinking nature allows it to work with your rig in any way you want.

Like all the NTEC hook links this braid is finished with a special teflon coating. The coating makes sure that the hook link has an optimal resistance against fraying!

This braid is available in 15, 20 and 25lbs.

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